How to Style Second-Day Hair

As hair colouring, perms and other salon treatments become more popular among the fashion-conscious, daily shampooing is a practice hairdressers and dermatologists advise against. It strips our tresses of the oils they need for moisture and shine, and reduces the lifespan of any professional treatment; that lovely digital perm may lose its bounce in weeks instead of months, or the subtle red tones in your chocolate brown hair colour may start to fade far too quickly.

Our hair is like the skin on our faces; it produces sebum (oil) that nourishes and protects the strands on your hair. This means that as we begin to wash our hair less frequently, the slight buildup of oils can cause our hair to look a little limp and lifeless.

The key is to keep the shine under control, create volume with the right hairstyles, or distract with bright, eye-catching accessories like a colourful headscarf.

Here, we share a few stylish ways to help you deal with second-day hair, so you can look just as picture-perfect every day.

No-Frills Hair: Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo absorbs the grease and restores the volume your hair is missing. Here’s how to regain volume and bounce in your hair with one product and some vigorous brushing.

Step 1: Give your hair a quick brushing to detangle. Spray the product on the roots of your hair and the scalp, working in sections across the top and sides of your head. Pay extra attention to the hair around your face.

Step 2: Use a fine-toothed comb to distribute the shampoo evenly through each strand, and massage into the roots with your fingers.

Protip: For even more volume, try bending over and flipping your hair upside down while brushing and massaging.

For a thorough walkthrough on how to use dry shampoo, watch this comprehensive list of do’s or don’ts for dry shampoo.

The Best Dry Shampoo Tips to Try | Beauty With Susan Yara

The Sharp Executive Do: The Ponytail Knot

Photo credit: Ciobanu Nicolae

 Ladies, we’ve got this. For the occasional hurried days where your utmost priority is that important 9am meeting, keep your tresses neat and away from your face with a loose ponytail. The piece de resistance: a striking silk scarf to pull your whole outfit together.

Step 1: Flip your head upside down and brush thoroughly to detangle and distribute the oils at the roots. This will help separate any strands that look clumpy from the sebum.

Step 2: Sweep your hair up into a low to mid loose ponytail – there is no need to keep the strands super sleek. Make sure your hair is not pulled tight against your scalp when you secure it.

Step 3: Wrap a patterned scarf around the base of your ponytail several times, leaving an inch or two of loose fabric to make a small, neat knot.

Step 4: Tie the scarf off in a neat tight knot under the ponytail, leaving the ends to flutter as a subtle, tasteful accent to the simple hairstyle.

The addition of a visually striking hair accessory draws attention away from your hair, brings an extra touch of polish and elegance to the simple hairstyle, and helps your overall outfit appear more put-together too.

Consider: Frangipani AllurePersian Artistry, Salvador Dali or Tropical Maze

Brunch with Friends: The Gypsy Headband

Products shown: The Aztec Hynopsis Scarf and Floral Passion Brooch

In a hurry to catch up with the girls over brunch? For a casual look that covers up your second-day hair, consider a headband with a trendy bohemian edge. Here’s how:

Step 1: Fold a long scarf lengthwise into a thick strip about three to five centimetres wide.

Step 2: Wrap it around your head, making sure your hair parting is mostly covered – that is where second-day hair’s grease is the most obvious.

Step 3: Knot the loose ends under your right or left ear and slide in a bobby pin or two to secure the position of the headband.

Step 4: Fluff out and quickly blow-dry the sections of uncovered, loose hair to give your hairstyle more shape and volume.

Protip: Using a medium to large barrel brush will give your tresses plenty of bounce and volume – no one will even guess you skipped washing your hair this morning.

Those with longer hair can choose to side braid your tresses, incorporating the trailing ends of the scarf into the hairdo. Gently tug out sections of the braid to ensure it looks a little undone and more voluminous.

For a more dressed-up version of the gypsy headband, pin an elegant brooch to your scarf for a subtle hint of sparkle and glamour.

Consider: Waist Belt, Starshine or Automobile Mania

Smart Casual Fridays: The Bow Tie

Need a smart second-day hairdo for Casual Friday in the office? Here’s one for you – pretty and low-key enough for work, but with just enough flair to showcase your fun, fashionable sensibilities.

Step 1: Tease a few sections of hair around your crown– you can do this by lifting sections of your hair, holding the lock firmly between two fingers and using a brush to comb your hair towards the roots. This gives your hair more volume and texture, two things second-day hair retains well.

Check out a good tutorial for teasing your hair here: 

How To Tease Your Hair For Volume

Step 2: Gather the top half of your hair into a loose ponytail. Be sure not to pull the strands too tight to keep the volume around the crown of your head. Secure it with an elastic band.

Step 3: Wind a small scarf around the band to hide it. To keep it work-appropriate, choose subtle, classic patterns and colours.

Step 4: Tie the loose ends into a smart bow-style tie.

Consider: Back to Basic, Gradient Tone or Triple Gradient Tone

Model Off-Duty: The Updo

Evening GlamourPhoto credit: Petra Hanžek

The model off-duty look is a term given to the sort of look runway models like to adopt when they are off the clock – carefully tousled and casual, but with an unmistakable hint of Parisian cool. This look involves a casual topknot or high bun, paired with a thin, folded scarf accent.

Step 1: Brush your hair through to detangle. Sweep your hair up into a ponytail, using your fingers instead of a comb to gather the hair. This will produce a more tousled texture for the hairstyle.

Step 2: Coil your ponytail into a high bun, securing it in place with U-shaped bobby pins or an elastic band. Tug gently on sections to loosen the bun.

Step 3: Fold a square scarf into a triangle, then roll or shape it into a thin band about 2 to 3 centimetres wide.

Step 4: Wrap the band around your head, knotting the ends on top of your head in front of the band. Tuck the loose ends under the band.

Consider these pairings:: Morning Mist, Cerulean Inspiration, Dravidian Dream or the Mardi Gras

Scarves as hair accessories are a quick, no-frills way to add oomph to any look, bad hair day or not. Second-day hair tends to hold style and accessories better, so the next time you are running late, think of it as a great chance to get creative – a twist of a Forest scarf, a quick tie, and there you are, ready to take on a brand new day.