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Silk Care

Dry cleaning
Send your silk scarves to a professional dry-cleaner for dry-cleaning.

Hand wash
Fill a tub or the sink with cool water and administer a small amount of liquid detergent rated safe for woollen clothing and mix the water to evenly distribute the detergent.

Soak the scarf in the water and gently submerge it in the suds.

Avoid excessive rubbing during washing as it will tear the fibres in the fabric and dull the finish. Rinse the scarf carefully in cool water, and remove excess moisture by patting the scarf dry with a towel.

Lay the silk scarf on a flat surface and leave it to dry. Do not attempt to wring the scarf as this will damage the delicate fabric.

Avoid direct sunshine. Only use a steam iron to straighten the fabric. If a normal iron is to be used, please ensure you set the thermostat to operate the iron on only Low Heat.

Cashmere Care

Dry cleaning
Send your scarves to a professional dry-cleaner for dry-cleaning. 

Accessories Care

Please avoid direct contact with oil, hair spray, aromatics such as perfumes and other harsh chemical liquid.

Our brooches can be cleaned by mixing together one drop each of baby shampoo and water. Do avoid using anything acidic like vinegar/baking soda as it will corrode the gold/platinum plating on the jewellery.

Use a soft toothbrush or Q-Tip to clean hard-to-reach spots. Rinse off quickly in cool water and dry with a clean, soft hand towel or microfiber cloth.

They also can be cleaned using megasonic cleaners designed for jewellery. Consult the user manual of your megasonic jewellery cleaner for further details.



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