It is my desire for our clients to feel the magic when they wrap themselves in the masterpieces crafted by our artisans.
Sutini Goh


Empowering the Everyday You

Some call it fashion, we call it power.

At Forest, we believe in being a catalyst for everyone to grow into the best versions of themselves. Empowering the everyday you through fashion, we make magic happen. 

Like a harmony created by a forest from intertwined elements - trees, shrubs, blossoms, birds, boulders, sun, and rain, we believe in a harmonious world made up of different colours, cultures, genders, visions, and lives.  And through this diversity, we curate a wide variety of designs, giving you the power to reinvent yourself every day - to look different and to feel different.   

We craft timeless and classic pieces with a single purpose in mind – to last beyond trends and occasions, and to be versatile across styles. Offering only the best, we craft our art with quality materials and the highest level of workmanship.

We also dedicate part of our profits to PA Nepal, a non-profit organisation that offers care programmes, rehabilitation and support services to Nepalese convicts and their children.

Our Inspiration

My father taught me that nature holds boundless potential – it is a place of ethereal magic, where the impossible becomes possible. It is this limitless potential which sparked the creation of Forest, a company that believes in helping people to express themselves through exquisite fashion.

Every fine detail in our Forest product is crafted with meticulous care, and the designs are inspired by nature.

We strive to create what we feel - to craft with tender loving care and an eye for beauty. Our work is our forest - timeless creations through the four seasons.


We empower everyone's reinvention of themselves, helping their unique personalities shine with poise and confidence.

We aim to be the finest luxury indulgence for the modern fashionista – the quintessential finishing touch you need to step out of the door looking and feeling your best self.


Our designers work directly with our manufacturers to ensure only the highest quality in our products, and minimise additional costs to you.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority! If you're not completely satisfied, then we're happy to arrange a return and refund with no questions asked. 


All Forest products are made of green material, manufactured and used in the most sustainable manner possible, both environmental and socio-economic.

10% of all profits at Forest will be donated to PA Nepal. These funds will contribute to the care and support of child dependents of Nepalese convicts.