Many people believe that clothes make an outfit, but this is often far from the truth. Accessories are what make an outfit stand out from the crowds so if you want your look to stand out from the rest, learn how to accessorise your outfit.

The brooch, along with the sister accessory, the scarf, is a must-have accessory, if you're in Singapore! Brooches and scarves are part of the growing trend for personalisation. Not only do they bring originality and newness to your outfit, but they make you look chic and have the ability to add a touch of eccentricity to your look. To look effortlessly classy and stand out in Singapore, you need these two versatile accessories that are trendy, fashionable and affordable to buy.


Wearing a brooch can change the entire ensemble looks on someone. It gives a stylish and feminine touch to the wearer. Traditionally, a brooch is fastened to a garment, worn on the left side of the garment. But as the trend evolves, brooch can be pinned to various areas of the outfit to compliment someone's body shape - hips, waist, neckline, etc. You can pin the brooch to your hat, shirt, blazer/jacket, scarf, clutch and look fabulous.

The history of the brooch goes way back, well beyond Great Gatsby flapper fashion and even Queen Elizabeth I. Brooches were born in the bronze age as simple pins used to clasp garments together, and gradually evolved into more decorative pieces for fastening cloaks, scarves and capes. As jewellery became synonymous with status in Europe, brooches followed suit.

Why You Should Embrace Wearing a Brooch:

  1. They add originality to your outfit

Brooches are a great way to personalise an outfit. If you've purchased the same Topshop blazer as everyone else, a sparkly embellishment strategically placed on the lapel will ensure your jacket stands out among its counterparts.

  1. They're versatile

You can wear a brooch on everything from an evening dress to a T-shirt or knitted jumper. Women wear them one at a time or in a row or cluster and place them on everything from crisp shirts to coats, or even bags and bobble hats.

  1. Add sparkle to a simple dress

A brooch can add sparkle to a simple dress. Whether you're wearing a pastel-coloured sheath dress, a little black dress, or a sweater dress, a brooch can add visual interest and unique touch to give you that classic look.


As a symbol of femininity, the scarf is the ultimate chic fashion accessory oozing sophistication and elegance. As a garment worn for practical purposes, a scarf can also provide the wearer warmth. The scarf comes in many shapes and forms, demonstrating its ubiquity and ability to blend into the wardrobes of every woman. Scarves can be wrapped around the neck on any outfit, used as a head tie, as a belt or transformed into a top, dress, skirt or even a bag. 

The modern scarf has its origins all the way in Ancient Egypt, where the first recorded scarf was used by Queen Nefertiti who was said to have worn a "tightly woven scarf topped with a conical headdress" in 1350 BC. Under the Chinese Emperor Cheng, scarves made of cloth were used to mark military rank. Later on in Croatia, the scarf continued to play a role in military ranking, with higher-ups wearing silk scarves and lower-ranking soldiers wearing cotton.

However, it wasn't until the 19th century that scarves became a popular fashion accessory. For the greatest portion of its history, the scarf was subjected to use as a sweat cloth or to keep clean. That changed when fashion designers saw the potential to capitalise on the fabrics and designs coming out of regions such as India.

Why You Should Add a Scarf to Your Outfit

  1. Add style and grace to your outfit

Scarf, as a single piece of cloth, can add beauty, elegance, and charm to your personality.

  1. Protection

They can protect you from cold and provide warmth when it is cold outside; they can protect your face and hair from direct sunlight while you are outdoors. Scarves can also serve to mask your unruly hair on a bad hair day.

  1. A symbol of status and prestige

Scarves are still a mainstay of high fashion. As such, a scarf can also signify one's social and financial status.


Brooches and scarves are the new "in-thing" to make a bold fashion statement. In contemporary fashion, scarves denote connoisseurship and sophistication. And for the brooch, it gives you a touch of luxury and glam to any outfit you pin on. These accessories come in different forms to suit your needs and personality. Although these accessories might once have been considered the preserve of the 50+ age bracket, the trend seems to have changed. We see more and more brooches and scarf on runway nowadays. They look fabulous for all ages. It depends on how you style them.

We strongly recommend the brooch and scarf for every lady in Singapore. They are an excellent investment for whoever wants to look classy, elegant and sophisticated.