Brooching the Subject: Day Chic to Night Glam with Brooches

A brooch in the right place can go very far. It’s part of a growing trend of personalisation, adding that je ne sais quoi to your outfit in just the right ways.

When worn right, a brooch elevates your wardrobe staples while taking those prized, one-off pieces to a whole new level. This makes the brooch easily the most versatile item to add to your style collection.

It’s no wonder brooches have lasted through the decades; from being a simple understated pin, and as markers indicative of one’s status symbol, to one that we spot on celebrities on the red carpet and in every modern woman’s wardrobe.

Unlike accessories that need to be worn in specific ways, a brooch can be strategically placed to add that bit of personality and story to your outfit. And if Kate Middleton has taught us anything, is that a brooch paired with the right outfit never goes out of style.

Feeling inspired? Here’s how we’re styling our Forest brooches, whether it’s for everyday workwear, casual Fridays or a big night out.

Office Elegance

Products Featured: The Moonlight Serenade Brooch in Gold

As a modern working woman, one of the joys in life is looking confident and feeling just as good. Stepping into a boardroom knowing you’ve got it. Clinching that deal after all that hard work from your team. And it never hurts to dress the part.

A good staple piece to have in your wardrobe is the plain black dress. Here’s where smart and elegant accessorising with a brooch comes in. Stand out by adding a beautiful and intricate brooch, easily adding personality and originality to your outfit.

Some ways to style it:
Pin it on the left for a simple yet classic look
If your dress has a high collar, pin it on the collar for easy elegance

For dark coloured garments, go with bright, gem-studded brooches that are more intricate. This helps to draw focus and add a pop of colour to an otherwise plain piece.

The reverse works just as well. With brighter coloured tops or dresses, pair them with dark and mono-coloured brooches. Mix and match just a few basic pieces and turn them into countless different looks with your brooch collection.

Consider: Phoenix or Angelic Wing

Midday Chic

MIDDAY CHICProducts Featured: Evergreen

We get it. Some days it’s hard to choose an outfit that is just right for that specific occasion. How do you dress for a smart, midday chic look, without it appearing over-the-top?

Here’s how. Stand out from the crowd of casual breezy blouses and plain tees with a choice brooch - you’ll elevate your outfit from smart casual to Sunday best.

A right brooch in the right place helps you expertly straddle the line between casual and formal. For instance, top off your casual blouse and jeans look with a whimsical brooch - ideally one that is intricate, colourful or embellished with different gemstones.

Midday ChicProducts Featured (L- R): Lucky Clover, Dragonfly, and Ballerina

Prefer a cleaner, more minimalist look? Try pinning your brooches on the jeans for a fun, eye-catching twist. Just make sure your shirt is tucked in and neat to ensure your sparkly accents get all the attention they deserve.

When paired with a printed fabric, choose a single-coloured design for your brooch. The Ballerina would be a perfect addition to match any outfit colour and style.

Don’t take our word for it: experiment with brooch colours and fabric pairings to find your perfect pairing. The options are endless.

Consider: Peacock Blossom, Cicada or the Pin-apple

Evening Glamour

Evening GlamourProducts Featured: Silver Fern

Now that you’ve mastered the art of brooching, here’s how to jazz up your outfit for a big night out. Dazzle your date with a stunning look made even better with the timeless brooch.

For a romantic dinner, add a mono-coloured statement piece to the Little Black Dress. For a fun and flirty night out, pin a cheeky design instead.

Pin it on a high collar to liven up a simple dress or top, or pair a few commonly themed brooches in a lively cluster to really bling it up.

Accessorising can be so much more than just wearing earrings and bracelets. Make every outfit your own with the perfect brooch of choice.

Consider: Summer Symphony

While a brooch is undeniably versatile, a good pairing is crucial. The right brooch will add style and elegance, elevating your top, dress or even jacket.

Bring back the trend of accessorising with brooches and personalise your own unique outfits with a brooch collection fit for any occasion. If you don’t already own a few pieces, there’s no better place to start than Forest.