Do you really need a brooch to be distinct?

Fashion trends usually dictate what is 'in' and what is 'out' for every season. However, one small little accessory that never goes out of fashion is a brooch. They can be colorful; they can be sparkly, and they can be classy. But it can always be your best friend.

Initially, brooches were considered as a grandma accessory. Still, over time, the opinion has evolved and is now a mainstay in fashion. You will find brooches in all shapes and sizes. There are sparkly rhinestone brooches, and then there are classic, stylish and decent pearl ones as well as metal brooches. They come in different unique structures.

Currently! Many brands are manufacturing their own lines of unique and dandy brooches; however, one brand that always stands out is FOREST, you can visit it at The Company has a wide range of brooches (and silk scarves) with a wide variety of pricing. Each and every piece is unique and provides an elegant and sophisticated aura that will help you stand out. They have precious metal brooches if you want something special for your someone special. The precious metal brooches are made from bronze and come with 24k gold or platinum plating, encrusted with their finest diamond simulate which is indistinguishable to the naked eye from a natural diamond. The best part is, their brooches are free of all kinds of toxic metals, making them hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.

Now the question that most people ask me is that 'do you really need a brooch to be distinct'? Well... not necessarily, but if you manage to add a correct brooch to your daily outfits, you will undoubtedly stand out among the crowd. Brooches have always been considered as something that adds sophistication and grace to your outfits.

Why should you wear a brooch?

However, over time, the way people perceive brooches have changed. This has not only changed the versatility of brooches but also given us many reasons to wear brooches. Brooches are quite necessary to make you distinct albeit we are all unique in our ways but to be honest that extra object can really boost a lot of things in how you position yourself or even carry yourself in public.

Some of the reasons that make brooches worth wearing are:

  • They are a simple way to introduce colour and contrast to your mundane dress.
  • Even if you are wearing a monotone dress, a brooch will completely change the aura of your outfifit. 
  • Apart from aesthetics, it can be used to pin your scarf, hide a low neckline or even replace a broken button.
  • If you want to make a memorable impression, your brooch can be the anchor for that. It is something that instantly grabs the attention of other people. It can be a high talking point or even a conversation starter. Most of the time, we can hear " ooohsss" and "aaahhhs" when it comes to brooches. It is always something special.

How can a brooch help you look distinct?

Brooches are very versatile. They can be used in many ways, not only to flatter your figure but will also add an extra pump to your overall look.

On your hair

Pretty "bling-bling" on your hair always makes you look very classy and feminine. Brooches are not precisely designed to be used on hair, but you can always pin them up or fix them on your hairband. Even if you don't have a barrette, your brooch will give your hairstyle a very different look that will make you stand out among the crowd. This can be easily used for formal dinners and weddings.



If you have huge brooches, using them on your belts can be a good idea. This will not only break the monotony of your dress but will also let you hide the flaws of the belt if there are any. Big brooches can be easily pinned on belts. Usually, stylists

say pinning the brooches on the side looks classier, but we have seen celebrities pin brooches in the centre and it looks pretty good. It totally depends on how you want to pull it off.

Casual Attire

Yes! Brooches go with casual attire too.

Actually, they look very good when worn with casual sweaters and tees. You can get cute little animal brooches or something that says 'sassy', 'cool', etc. that can be easily worn on the chest area. You can even add these casual sparkly brooches to your jeans pocket or your crossbody bag.

There are no bounds to what you can do with a brooch.

On The Collar

On The CollarProducts Featured: Pearly White

Going for a meeting but are not entirely happy with your outfit?

Throw in a brooch to the collar, and you will see how the overall look of your outfit changes. A simple scarf worn around the collar can be construed mainstream at times. 

Using a brooch with the top collar button will not only keep the collar in place but will also give a very royal and elegant look to your attire.



On The Waist

Products Featured: Monarch Butterfly 

Didn't think so it could be used anywhere other than the chest area? Well, it can be.

Stylists and designers say that using a brooch around your waist or on the belt of the dress you are wearing will accentuate your waist. If you look back, Iconic stars like Kyra Sedgwick have used brooches as a way to pop their waist on many occasions. Work that body girl!

What are our final thoughts?

Brooches are usually pinned around the chest area. They can be used to add colour and to break the monotony in your hats, shoes, on the arms of your jackets and even on your handbags. Many stylists and fashion designers consider brooches an easy, inexpensive and smart way of adding oomph to your outfit. They help you leave a lasting impression.