Five Must-Have Accessories If You Want To Stand Out

You don't have to be a fashion icon to flaunt all those fantastic accessories. As Tini Wu, the founder of FOREST brand will tell you, to look your best, wearing a top, a bottom and a pair of cute shoes are not enough. Accessorizing is the key to a complete, chic and stylish look. Boosting your fashion sense is something everyone looks forward to. What most people don't understand is that accessories can bring excitement in your outfit of the day. They can break the monotony that simple dresses you wear. Kill the boredom and liberate yourself! The FIVE must-have accessories that will help you stand out are:


Image courtesy of Chris Jackson

I must say, brooches are one of the most underrated pieces of accessory. Brooches, also called lapels, are now in vogue. They are for every age now. This little piece of bling can add charm, colour, and class to your overall outlook. Even a dull-coloured plaid coat or dress can be turned into an appealing piece of apparel with the right brooch.

Even if you are not a jewellery person, you can easily rock a brooch. It can be worn on the sleeves of your coat, on a scarf, on your hat, and even on your shoes. None of the other accessories can match the versatility of a brooch. It just adds another level of class to your overall look.

Initially, brooches were used as a tradition or to show one's affiliation with a particular group. However, over the years, brooches have been revolutionized. They come in every shape, size, and colour now. Some of them are simple shapes carved on precious metal, while others are bedazzled with lovely shiny precious and semi-precious stones. The best part is, you can get extraordinarily good quality brooches with a reasonable price now with, Singapore's leading silk scarves and brooches company. Every piece of their elegance brooches is made only from high purity copper or silver, plated in platinum, and encrusted with the finest diamond simulate which is indistinguishable to the naked eye from a natural diamond. All of their brooches are free from harmful material that makes them allergy-free. 



( Scarf from Forest )

After brooches, the most versatile accessory is a scarf. They can be used to revamp your look in any season but are primarily used in winter. They are one of the fashion accessories that keep you warm on top of making you look good.

Apart from wearing your scarves the traditional way, you can also use them to keep your head warm in case you don't want a cap to ruin your hairstyle. They can also be folded and worn around the neck to keep your neck feeling so good and…. yes - warm.

Moving on to summer scarves, the most common are silk scarves. Initially, these scarves were used as a premier statement symbol. Still, as the silk industry revolutionized, silk scarves have become widely available. They can be used around the neck to add a little contrast to your outfit, around your hat to make it chic and dainty and on your handbag to bring a pop of colour to a boring outfit. There are no bounds to how you can style a scarf. 


( Scarf from Forest )

Sunglasses don't go out of fashion year-round. Mainly because they not only serve the purpose of a fashion accessory but are also a way of protecting your eyes from the harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. The best part is, these are available in all shapes and sizes. Hence, no matter what facial structure you have, you will be able to find one for yourself.

Moreover, a single stylish pair of sunglasses can work well with all kinds of outfits and is enough to help you stand out. So, unlike other fashion accessories, you don't have to have a hundred pairs of sunglasses. 

Just one stylish pair will do. The best part is there is no need to colour match!

Statement handbag



( Scarf from Forest )

What else can help you make a statement other than a statement bag? Gone are the days of small uncomfortable handbags that didn't have enough space to hold anything other than a lipstick and a small mirror. You can carry your stuff in cute cross body bags, a small bucket bag or even a chic little tote. The right bag can make or break your look of the day. You will be easily able to find some of the hottest, stylish and dandy bags even at an exceptionally reasonable rate. Some are expensive, while some come at very affordable prices. Match them with your outfit of the day and let heads turn! 

Statement Earrings



A pair of statement earrings do not have to be chunky and huge to make heads turn or to leave a memorable mark on the ones you meet. Even tiny and delicate earrings can help you stand out. However, they need to be coordinated with your outfit. An out of place pair of earrings will make you stand out but for all the wrong reasons.

Even if you are wearing a simple shirt and jeans, throwing in a necklace or pinning tiny cute brooch with cute little drop earrings can make the mundane outfit exciting.

For date nights, you can also look into pearl or rhinestone earrings that are trending nowadays. Gaudiness doesn't work, so go for simple and classy ones. However, it depends on your affinity towards the style you manifest.


All the accessories mentioned above will help you add life to your outfits. They are a way to make your wardrobe more exciting and classier. Remember that outfits can help you improve your outlook, but the beauty in you is permanent, so work on that and add the rest to spice up your look.