7 Modern Ways To Wear A Brooch

Brooches have been considered as a dull grandma accessory for as long as we can remember. However, since 2018 they have been back with a bang. It is high time people realize how versatile brooches are. They can revamp any and every outfit by adding the exact amount of bling needed. 

The best part is, brooches are available in a plethora of different designs, shapes, colours, and configurations. Which means, there is one to the liking of everyone. If you are fold of solid colour dresses or outfits overall, having a handful of brooches can help you add the chicness to your outfit. 

However, before throwing in a brooch, you need to ensure that it looks good and is not out of place. Some of the best ways to style your brooches in 2020 are:


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This is the most common method of wearing a brooch. You can pair a funky brooch with your distressed denim jacket or throw in a graceful yet sparkly brooch on your formal blazer. This is the most fail-proof method of styling a brooch. You can also wear shiny or metallic brooches on pullovers, cardigans and oversized sweaters. 


ON YOUR HAIRProducts Featured: Glittering Fanfare

Don't have a barrette for a formal night out? Throw in a brooch with that hairstyle, and you are good to go. Brooches have been used as barrettes for as long as we remember. This only adds to the feasibility of the accessory. You can use it with a bun or slightly pulled back hair. 


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Brooches on hats are almost non-existent now. However, they have been one of the best trends in the past and this winter; it is coming back. You can pair a brooch on your beret, a beanie, a headscarf or even on a hat. This not only adds an oomph to the headgear but also harmonized it with your outfit of the day. You can also play with different types of brooches; hence, instead of adding a single brooch, you can add three small ones to make it look dandy. 


ON THE CHOKERProducts Featured: Pin-Apple 

Do you want to accentuate that neckline? Put it in the limelight? The two best ways to do it is either by wearing a statement necklace or by adding a brooch to one of your choker dresses. If the statement necklace is too much for you, going with a brooch is the best option. You can even make a DIY choker with a thick ribbon and attach one of your sparkly brooches at one side. This style goes the best with plunging or V-neck necklines; however, the right type of brooch works pretty well with anything and everything. 


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Many times, we come across beautiful dresses, but they lack an element of excitement, especially on the back. This is where brooches come in. If you are a fan of updos, you can always put on a brooch at the top of the back neckline. However, if you prefer letting your hair open, you can always use a brooch near your lower back the accentuate the area and make your dress more exciting. 



On A ScarfProducts Featured: Sun

Scarves are one of the most versatile and chic accessories anyone can carry. However, when paired with a brooch, they can revamp your outfit like nothing else. A brooch can also be used to pin on both ends of the scarf to create a pseudo infinity scarf, a bandana, or an oversized woollen scarf to add a pop of colour or bling. People usually like to pair brooches with scarves in winters since that is the only way to add some colour and bling to your outfit. 



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Do you have an old handbag that you don't want to give away due to emotional attachment but don't know how to carry it? Throw in a sparkly brooch that is slightly larger in size and look at the magic that happens. Old boring bags can be instantly converted to jazzed up dandy handbags that you can carry at formal dinner or movie nights.