7 Ways to Wear A Scarf in 2020!

Scarves are one of the most versatile, fashionable, and practical clothing accessories. The best part is, scarves are not at all expensive; hence, you can quickly fill your wardrobe with a wide variety of scarves that can be used in multiple different ways. 

Since scarves are available in a plethora of different patterns, styles, and materials, they can vamp up your outfit game like no other. This makes the accessory a lifesaver for people who like to repeat their outfits. 

The cherry on top is, scarves are not limited to one season. The bulkier and darker ones make it to your winter and fall wardrobe while the light-coloured and bright patterned scarfs are more of a summer thing. As mentioned, scarves are an extremely versatile piece of clothing. Hence they can be worn and used in a varied number of ways. Let's take a look at how you can style a scarf in your day to day life.

As a Cape

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In these scorching winters, wearing your bulky woolen scarves as capes is one of the best things you can do. It not only looks trendy and stylish but also keeps you warm. A scarf cape can be worn on a casual everyday outfit as well as on a formal date night outfit. The best part is, it is pretty simple to create and carry. All you have to do is prop the scarf on your shoulders, slightly puff up the veil from the shoulder areas and put a belt on the scarf at your waist area. This is not a restricted season style; you can always style chiffon scarves in the same manner and flaunt them as a kimono in summers. It works perfectly as a throw over for beach days as well. 

Pairing with outerwear

Pairing with outerwearProducts Featured: Floral Power

Due to the way style has evolved over the years, people have a common misconception that scarves can only be paired with overcoats or trench coats. However, contrary to common belief, scarves work pretty well with almost all kinds of outerwear whether it is a slight shrug, a bulky sweater or even a pullover. You can always invest in a few infinity scarves that can be pulled off with almost every look. You can also create your own pseudo infinity scarf by tying both ends of the scarf and pin it with a brooch. Infinity scarves and oversized denim jackets are a fail-proof outfit idea. Apart from this, you can also pull off a loosely tied scarf look with an oversized cardigan; this creates an instant eye-catching look. 

The classic look

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Most women, fearing to come off as 'typical,' are usually very scared or revitalizing the classic look. Pair your scarf with skinny jeans, high boots, a solid coloured tee or sweater, and a printed scarf. This supposedly typical style is stylish, warm yet straightforward. The best part is, you can keep on revitalizing this look with different scarves and different ways of carrying a scarf. 


As a headscarf

As a headscarfFeatured Product: Lily Valley

Having a bad hair day? No problem, scarves can help you turn that disastrous hairdo into something that will revamp your outfit of the day. Scarves come in many sizes and shapes. Choosing the shape and pattern of scarf for your headgear is always down to your preference, however, the type of material and form you select largely governs the type of headscarf you will be able to tie. 

As a Top (Toga Style)

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With a large square or rectangle scarf, take the two ends on the smaller side and tie them together. Slip your arm through that hole. Take the long part of the scarf and wrap it diagonally across your chest. Bring it around to the back and continue wrapping the scarf until you run out of fabric. Tuck in the end of the scarf into one of the layers. Secure with safety pins for extra grip.


With your bag

With your bagProduct Featured: Prim and Proper

Does your outfit look too plain and too subtle, yet you don't know how to add a pop of colour? Just tie a vibrant scarf around the handle of your bag, and you will have enough colour in your outfit to stand out. However, make sure you don't tie one of those bulky woollen scarves, a small silk or chiffon bandana scarf looks the best with bags. 


Around your neck

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Don't know how to tie all those fancy knots? It doesn't matter; scarves are the best when it comes to showing simple it more. Just drape the scarf around your neck, and you are good to go. This classic way of wearing a scarf has been in fashion for as long as we remember. This holds true for men and women both.