How To Style Your Scarf As A Face Mask

As a result of the COVID19 pandemic, protecting your face has become a topmost priority. This is because the virus can gain full access to your body through your mouth and nostrils. This is why face masks have become so important.

As shocking as it might sound, scarves could be styled like a mask to keep your face covered. But for the full protection against virus, you have to wear the 3 ply mask underneath.  And then you’re good to go.

Below is a detailed description of three stylish ways you could use your scarf as a mask to keep you protected from any slight contact with the virus. All you’d be needing is your scarf and a few elastic hair bands.

Let’s Get Started!


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  1. Take 1/3 of the width of the scarf and fold it into a 1 long scarf. Then, put it around your face, and point out the area that stops around your ear. This is to help you identify where the hair bands would be.
  2. Put two hair bands at the points you mapped out then ensure that the bands can easily go over your ears without causing any form of discomfort. If you experience any, try adjusting the hair bands.
  3. Once that is achieved, put the scarf over your face to cover your nose and mouth then put the bands over your ears to help hold the scarf firmly on your face.
  4. Take both ends around your head, cross them over, and tie around the neck. Ensure you don’t tie it too firmly to avoid discomfort. That’s about it.


Yeah! It’s really that simple.


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  1. Fold a square scarf into a triangle. Then, put the scarf over your head and ensure that both ends fall over your left and right shoulder.
  2. Take the left point of the scarf over the right point, then take it towards the back.
  3. Once this is achieved, take the right point of the scarf towards the back too.
  4. Tie both points behind your head and ensure it’s firm enough to prevent it from loosening when you’re on the move.



Product Featured: Salvador Dali


  1. First, fold the scarf into thin band and tie a knot in the middle of your scarf.
  2. Then put the scarf over your head then tie both ends behind your head. While you do that, ensure its enough to go over your face.
  3. Secondly, take the rest of the scarf over your face while making sure your mouth and nose area is not exposed.
  4. Pass the remainder of the scarf through the area that’s over your face. If your scarf isn’t long enough, you could ensure that it stays firm there. If the reverse is the case, take it around your head and drop it over your shoulder. This should make it firm enough.



You can pick any of these styles and give them a try. Who says you have to stick to one style? You could get a grasp of all three techniques and alternate between them.

You have to ensure that you do everything possible to protect yourself from the virus. Please wear the mask underneath before styling your scarf into face mask.  Once you use a scarf as your mask, disinfect it and have it thoroughly cleaned. This is to ensure than you’re not exposing yourself to the virus in any way. Stay at home, we will get through this pandemic together.