Sustainability and expansion go hand-in-hand for this Singapore luxury brand

STORY by KrisFlyer Magazine , published on December 1, 2020
Located at Paragon Shopping Centre, FOREST is a purveyor of fine silk scarves and luxurious brooches.

Sustainability has been the buzzword for several years now, but it’s only in the last couple of years that it’s really picked up steam in the fashion industry. From using upcycled fabrics to ensuring a more transparent production process, designers and brands are responding to a growing demand among consumers for more environmentally and socially conscious fashion.

According to the 2019 Pulse of the Fashion Industry study, over a third of consumers surveyed reported “actively switching from their preferred brand to another” because the latter demonstrated better environmental and social practices.

FOREST, a Singapore-based fashion label specialising in fine-quality accessories such as silk scarves and luxurious brooches, will be embracing the green movement starting this month.

“From December, we will only use sustainable materials in the production of our products and halt all sales of products made with polyester,” shares FOREST’s founder Tini Wu. “All of our scarves are made sustainably from either silk or cashmere, and come with certificates to certify their authenticity,” Tini says.
The inspiration of the brand name FOREST stems from the harmony found in a wild environment

In addition to being environmentally conscious, FOREST is also an active supporter of social issues. In fact, 10% of all profits at ShopAtForest go to PA Nepal, a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and socially reintegrating incarcerated children in Nepal.

“I got to know about this organisation from a friend who works closely with PA Nepal, and I decided I wanted to help,” Tini explains. “I have a particular soft spot for children as I believe in the innocence of young children, and I hope they can have the opportunity to live better, with respect and dignity.”

“Furthermore, I believe whatever we get from society, should go back to society,” Tini adds. Indeed, the inspiration of the brand name FOREST stems from the harmony found in a wild environment – from the trees and shrubs to birds, blossoms, sun and rain. “We believe in a harmonious world made up of different colours, cultures, languages, visions and lives,” she says. 

The winter silk scarves from FOREST keep you warm and snuggly during the frosty season 
This core value is translated into FOREST’s luxurious accessories. The scarves here are made with top-grade mulberry silk, which is known for its smooth, delicate texture as well as its distinctive lustrous sheen. For colder weather, FOREST also offers a range of winter scarves that is made of silk but curiously has the texture of wool. These unique scarves keep you warm without the itchy feeling often associated with wool.

High-grade materials aside, the workmanship of FOREST’s silk products is also second to none. “For the mulberry silk scarf range, we use only screen printing technique with the hand-rolled hem finishing for the edge of the scarf,” Tini explains. What this mean is that each scarf is made painstakingly by hand, resulting in a flawless and timeless product that you’ll be proud to have in your wardrobe.

The scarves from FOREST are made with top-grade mulberry silk
As a complement to the scarves, FOREST also carries whimsical brooches that come in a variety of designs – from fruits and flowers to Ferris wheels and whales. Made with pure brass and coated with platinum or 24k gold, these brooches are free from harmful materials such as lead, cadmium or nickel. “We use a type of stone that is made of diamond stimulant,” Tini shares, “The sparkle is so brilliant
 One of the best things about silk scarves is how versatile they are and how well they complement any outfit.

Last month, FOREST welcomed customers to its new flagship store at Paragon Shopping Centre, an exciting step forward for the two-year-old brand. Tini, who set up FOREST in the hope of empowering the everyday through fashion, says, “I believe every woman should have at least one silk scarf in their wardrobe. To me, it is like a lucky charm.”


- Silver Kris ( Singapore Airlines Publication).