FOREST was featured on the "Style & Beauty" Section of Expat Living


Forest Here's one Forest that we'd love to have in our wardrobes! Founded in 2018, this brand offers polished pieces in quality materials and the highest level of workmanship. Their beautiful brooches have caught our eyes, but it's the silk scarves and cashmere shawls that would add a touch of effortless elegance to any outfit.

Bold designs in rich colours can never go wrong. Just look at their batik stole - made from a hundred percent pure silk with hand-rolled finishing details, it's a modern take on traditional Javanese batik featuring age-old motifs. There's also the über cool merino wool and silk shawl in bold Op Art graphics. Cinch your waist with a minimalist belt and you're all ready to strut the catwalk that is life, honey.
Forest also has a range of twilly scarves in gorgeous colours and prints. These are long, skinny scarves that can be worn a gazillion ways. Loop one around your wrist or around your neck like a silky necklace, and watch your outfit transform from meh to marvellous