SCARF: Your Travel Essential

Do you know how useful a piece of scarf can be?  

A scarf is not merely a fashion accessory, which helps to add that extra oomph to your mundane outfit, but a scarf can be turned into many useful things during your travel. The best part is they are light and safe space. 

Let's take a look at how a scarf can be your ultimate travel buddy.



 A scarf can help serve as your blanket to keep you cozy and keep you warm during long travels. Whether to cope with the air conditioning, cover your eyes in an attempt to sleep, or feel comfortable. 



Do you need an extra pillow? Ball up the scarf, and you'll be catching snoozes in no time. Great for traveling on cruises, planes, trains, and buses and can give great comfort to your neck too.


  • on your hair 

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One of the most understated yet ultra-chic accessories you could wear to doll up. You can tie these into your cute ponytail or wear it as a retro headband, and you will surely stand out. Also, a scarf will protect you from the tingling heat, Tie a square scarf around your head to protect from the elements as a hat would do but in a much less formal way. 

  • on your bag
Use it to bedazzle and decorate your travel bag! And even for quick identification of your luggage. This is a stylish and comfortable way to take your accessory fashion game to the next level.


  • add an extra oomph to your outfit
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Small silk or chiffon scarves are famous around the world for their beautiful colours, shapes, and vibrant patterns. These scarves can be worn around the neck in different ways. Doing so will add an extra pop of colour to your outfit. 
Usually, scarves are paired with solid coloured t-shirts to make them look more festive and trendier. You will be amazed at how an all-white or an all-black outfit can be suddenly elevated by wearing a scarf. Throw in a vibrant scarf, throw in some hoops, wear your hair in a messy bun, and you are good to go for an evening out. 
In addition to color and texture, the way you tie your scarf will modify the whole proportion of your silhouette and tell very different stories. 



  • as a bikini top

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We guarantee you that a silk scarf bikini is one of the most stylish swimwear this 2020. Not only will you look cute in the water, but also you will be able to take adorable pictures in it. You can look over Instagram and see gorgeous ladies rocking this scarf bikini vibe, serving you 90s bombshell!

  • as a top

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A single scarf can be used as a top in as many ways as possible. The best part is, each time, it will look different. So, one scarf can multiply into different outfit options you have while traveling. This way, you can go light without compromising on your outfit and your fashion. 

  • as an evening wrap

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These gorgeous wrap scarves will take you from casual to classy effortlessly. Wear them around your neck or head as you wander during the day and then wrap it around your evening dress as a way to stay warm in the night.


Products Featured: MORNING MIST

A significant benefit of a scarf bag is it very lightweight, durable, and easy to make. 

This is how you can easily DIY your own scarf bag. First, lay your scarf out flat and then fold it in half to make a square shape. Tie an overhand knot roughly a hands length on the two opposite corners of the square. Grab one of the remaining corners and knot it under the existing knots. Repeat the same with the other corner. Untie the first two knots which you have made in step 2 and adjust the length of the handles to your likeness. Join the two ends together to create the handbag's handles.


Products Featured: WHEEL OF FORTUNE

Scarves are also a play as a good companion for warmer conditions where sun, temperature, dust, and humidity can come into play. You can cover your head or your body from harsh and direct sunlight that can cause sun damage. 


After reading this, I think you have no reason not to pack at least one scarf for your next trip? They are light, and they take less space and yet they are so versatile. If you do not have one yet, perhaps it is time for you to invest for one. What are you waiting for? Grab one now at for the best scarves in Asia.