Are Brooches In Fashion in 2022?

One accessory that has gone in and out of fashion over the years is the brooch — a fashionable pin. What's more, they're likely to become even more versatile in the years ahead as they grace everyone from brides and bridesmaids to weekenders and party-goers.

Here are the hottest brooches trends that we think of this year:

Vintage Style Brooches.

Some accessories like brooches evoked the look of the artistic movement of that time with intricate designs. A Vintage Inspired Brooch tends to have sharp or geometric shapes and features a unique design that often imitates a flower, star, or other geometrical shapes. These Vintage Inspired Brooch are usually made of dark metal, small colored stones, pearls, or fancy shapes.

Encrusted Brooch

Encrusted Brooch is a classic style of brooch. This type of brooch features stone detailing. Perfect for that extra bling on your outfit.

This type of brooch is perfect for women who want a little sparkle on their outfits. Most of the time, encrusted brooches can be paired to compliment an evening gown or cocktail dress.

Foliate Brooch

Foliate brooches usually use gems or diamond that resembles leaf or petals. This kind of brooch is the perfect piece for someone who loves the outdoors and who wants to adorn their clothing with the luxurious look of nature.

Pendant Brooch

One of the most versatile styles of the brooch is a Pendant Brooch. This type of brooch can easily be transformed into a necklace or as a bag accessory. This brooch usually has a dominant design or a focal piece. The pin is often concealed from the pendant. 


From the enormous Schiaparelli dove brooch that Lady Gaga wore to the 2021 presidential inauguration to Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooches are all over the fashion world these past years. Yes, it is safe to say that Brooches are still in fashion in 2022.

Even today, with the trend toward simplistic clothing, it seems that adults and gen z's are always looking for a place where they can add color, sparkle, and personality. Brooches are the perfect answer to this desire. They are small enough to be worn on nearly any garment, yet they pack a big visual punch. In short, while other jewelry trends may come into fashion and out of style, we believe that brooches will never lose their popularity with the general public.