7 Scarf Trends for Fall 2022

As the weather starts to cool down and the leaves begin to change color, the season of scarves is upon us. 

Don't underestimate the power of the scarf; they are one of the best ways to add layers of style to any outfit and help keep you cozy during those chilly fall nights. It's the best of both worlds - you end up looking stylish and feeling comfortable.

Picture yourself wearing a cute new scarf on your arms or wrapped around your neck. It can be as simple as that! A scarf is one of the easiest ways to change your look without swapping out your wardrobe staples when thinking about fall trends. 

Here are FOREST's Scarf Trends for Fall 2022:

A Monochromatic Look

monochromatic scarf look fall fashion

When you see a monochromatic look, it's something that looks aesthetically pleasing. You'll see a lot of clothing items that are all in one shade of the same color. You can wear a lighter top and add a darker shade of scarf in the same tone for the effortless chic autumn look.

Featured Scarf: Chic - Camel

Adding A Pop Of Colour

To pull together the perfect fall look, you need to add a pop of color to your outfit. Of course, this doesn't mean you must go overboard and make your entire outfit purple. Adding a colorful scarf to your outfit will elevate it from good to extraordinary. You can add an element of colour to any wardrobe item or outfit by adding some eye-catching scarves to your look. The key to doing this is finding the right one that goes with your attire and personality.

Featured Scarf: Oxy (Blue)

Pair It With A Jacket

One easy way to incorporate a scarf into your fall outfit is by pairing it with a jacket. You can use the scarf to add texture and depth to your outfit and make it stand out in contrast to the jacket.

Featured Scarf: Zen

The Half Bandit

To achieve this look, you need a soft scarf. You can fold the scarf, roll, or scrunch the scarf. Then wrap it to the front and back to a complete loop around your neck. Then you're gonna take one end and let it hang loose. Then you're gonna take the other end, and you're gonna take the corner of that loose end and you're just gonna tuck that into the loop.

Featured Scarf: The Lion City

The Half Knot

To achieve this look, you will start to form a knot with the two ends, but you don't quite do a full knot cause you're just doing half of it. This is just a very effortless way of wearing or styling your scarf.

Featured Scarf: Stream

Through The Loop

For this look, you need a rectangle scarf. You will fold your scarf in half. Once you fold it, you will have a loop in one hand, and then you will have the loose ends in the other. You will pull it around the back of your neck, and you pull the loose ends through the loop and tighten it.

Featured Scarf: Xena - Beige Reversible

The Twist

For this look, you need a rectangle scarf. Place the middle of the scarf behind your neck and grab the other end of your scarf and create a circle around your neck. After that, grab one end of your scarf and then wrap it around the circle; you can leave a tail of the scarf to hang. Do the same on the other end. And you're done!

Featured Scarf: Chic - Dark Gray


It's all in the way you tie your scarf. These fall scarf trends are inspired by neck wraps, adding some drama to your neckline. Scarves give you new ways to add an extra flair to your fall styles. Tag us on our social media when you try these trends. We would love to see your looks.